The Wild Life #106

11 days into my 2017 Idaho mule deer hunt I check in with my neighbors in the camp next to me the “Utah Boys” who have already enjoyed some pretty good success, bagging a black bear and a nice 4 point buck!



The Wild Life #104

Throw one of these in your pack, or camp box and you’ll have enough to start several fires. They light instantly, and there is no stinky chemical smell like many other fire starters on the market today. Think of them as a kind of fat wood hockey puck. The Lignetics all natural wood products fire starter disc is a sure fire burn!


The Wild Life #103

Ah, Fall is in the air and the truck is being packed for Idaho! There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING finer in life than mountain air so clean it hurts your lungs, skies so blue that you almost go blind, and the sight of a big mule deer buck clamoring over a rocky ridge carrying a set of telephone poles and tangled wires on his head! This is why I LOVE hunting in IDAHO!


The Wild Life #102

My 12′ by 12′ Spike Tent from the Wall Tent Shop isn’t just a hunting tent, it is my home in the Idaho wilderness every year for a full month. So I need to make sure it is in tip top tent shape before I set out on my next adventure with it. I recently had to repair one of the tent’s grommets, something I’d never done before. But this quality tool from Lord & Hodge made the job easy!

SOMETIMES YOU GET THE BEAR: Whether You Want Him Or Not!

The Wild Life #101

I just got home from my archery mule deer hunt in the High Desert country of Central, OR and while I didn’t see that many deer, the bear watching was great! Two years ago I was camped in the same spot, when another bowhunter told me he’d just seen a 400 lb. black bear ambling through my camp. And although I never found any evidence visit of the bruin’s supposed visit, I am now a total believer!