The Wild Life #96

I drove downtown to the Post Office this afternoon and was shocked at what I saw! Or, I should say, what I didn’t see and couldn’t see because of the toxic smoke fallout from the Chetco Bar Fire. This really is hell on earth, compliments of the U.S. Forest Service.



The Wild Life #95

09/05/17 UPDATE to the Chetco Bar Fire burning in Curry and Josephine Counties, OR. And now burning in MY county, Jackson, at 170,000 acres in size and only 40 miles from us! The Bill Meyer Show on Medford radio station KMED blew the secrecy lid off the REAL story of the Chetco Bar Fire this morning, and the major culprit is our own U.S. Forest Service. Listen to both interviews to learn exactly who this person in the Forest Service is. Lightning may have caused this fire, but the U.S. Forest Service is responsible for creating this monster!


The Wild Life #94

The Wild Life #94 FULL EPISODE: The Chetco Bar Fire at Brookings, OR is still raging, and the toxic smoke from that fire has literally blanketed Oregon’s Rogue Valley. It is now actually DANGEROUS to leave your house here without a mask on! I have now had to cancel my bowhunting trip this week until it either rains, or we get some big winds to move this smoke out of our valley. Damn you, US Forest Service. Damn you to HELL!


The Wild Life #93

How many times have you gone to your kitchen pantry and looked at the “BEST IF USED BY” labels on your food and wondered, “How old, is too old?” Well, not to worry! Because I just did all of the hard work for you (not to mention risking a lower intestinal tract infection or worse) by preparing and consuming an 8 yr. old box of Hamburger Helper. And the results of this quasi-scientific test were deliciously surprising!

FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN: U.S. Forest Service Creates Oregon Inferno

The Wild Life #92

The Chetco Bar fire in Southwestern, OR burning 75 miles from our house, is the biggest fire in the nation today at over 130,000 acres. On Saturday morning it cut short my opening day of Oregon’s early archery season, and now has us trapped inside our house. And all thanks to the U.S. Forest Service, who could have put it out six weeks ago when it was only 10 acres, and who instead stood by and DID NOTHING! Lightning started this fire, but make no mistake, the USFS CREATED it.

WARNING! This Video is Rated “P” for Pissed, and contains language that may be offensive to some people. (But mostly just Liberals, who really don’t fall into this classification anyhow.)


The Wild Life #91

My love – hate relationship with our local flock of wild turkeys continues as I first admire them for standing up to a semi-feral neighborhood cat they share a field with, and then have to chase them out of our yard when I find them milling around my new truck. Wild turkeys can cause innumerable property damage to lawns, roofs, and parked vehicles. And although my new truck hopefully sits high enough off the ground to discourage most routine turkey roosting, I can’t afford to take any chances!

HOLLYWOOD COMES TO ATLANTA, ID: My run-in with Johnny Depp!

The Wild Life #90

As an independent filmmaker I usually work at my craft in solitude, unfettered by the outside world. But all that came crashing down around me last fall when a Hollywood film crew showed up on MY SET in the small mountain town of Atlanta, ID where I have been working on my film for more than two years now. So naturally, I had to strap on my GoPro, and go see just what in the hell it was that these upstarts wanted!