The Sparrow’s Blade

In the aftermath of having survived an encounter with pedophile serial killer Uriah Beek, two still healing couples reconnect at Christmas time in the small Oregon coast city of Cutter Point. Kevin Kearnes, the city’s former police chief, is returning to marry Britt McGraw on the same beach where he first kissed her, and Thud Compton, Kearnes’ old sergeant, has invited them to stay at his home. However, the Kearnes’ aren’t the only ones traveling to Cutter Point for the holidays. Some very bad men—Russian mobsters—are also coming to town, and instead of bearing gifts; they are planning to take one. An old military sword from WWII rusting away inside its display case in the local library, which, after 9/11, is now worth a million dollars on the world black market for war artifacts. Kevin Kearnes and Thud Compton are about to face their greatest threat ever when the sword is stolen, two of their children are kidnapped, and they are forced to pursue the former Russian Spetsnaz killers who have taken them.

Winner of the Eric Hoffer Award for Commercial Fiction




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