Flight of the Bowyer

Six long years of political genocide carried out against the American people by the administration of President Benjamin Franklin Luder has nearly destroyed the once greatest country on earth. Luder’s environmental policy of “green communism” has done the most damage of all, resulting in a nationwide energy slowdown which has crippled every level of industry. An Idaho mine near Ransom in the unspoiled Sawtooth Mountain Range is rich in thorium, with enough energy to power every city in the United States for the next five hundred years. However, the mine is on private property, surrounded by federal lands. Assistant U.S. Attorney Haley Hendricks is sent to Ransom, posing as an eco-journalist, with orders to find a way for the government to seize the thorium mine in the name of “national security.” Haley hires ex-cop Jace Fuller to guide her to the mine, not understanding that they are now both pawns in a deadly shadow government conspiracy. As Jace Fuller unwittingly prepares to lead Haley, and the most powerful man in the world, deep into the rugged Sawtooth Wilderness of Idaho, an unseen and sinister trap begins to unfold. Soon, Jace will be forced to make the choice between saving his country, or saving the life of his young son, between choosing who will live, and who must die. Including himself.

Watch the book trailer!  http://youtu.be/z07Y8F_CEwk

AMAZON: http://tinyurl.com/mgeb5g2    BARNES & NOBLE: http://tinyurl.com/mqlll34    AUDIOBOOK: http://tinyurl.com/mnfh5me



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