The Wild Life #82

The mighty Rogue River flows through the middle of our little town of Rogue River, OR and empties into the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach, OR ninety-five miles downstream. This is a place I used to fish at a lot. Fifteen years ago. So I figured it was about time to dig out my old surf gear, pack up the wife and dogs, and head to the beach in pursuit of the not-so-elusive, easy to catch, and incredibly delicious Redtail Surf Perch!

GEAR I USED: Bass Pro Shops Power Plus 10 ft. surf rod, Zebco Q650 spinning reel, SpiderWire 30 lb. braided main line, 12 lb. test mono leader, #2 hooks, 2 oz. pyramid sinker, and Berkley Gulp! baits in 2.5″ Smelt, 4″ Pumpkinseed Worm, and Camo Sand Word. (Almost any decent medium spinning, or baitcasting rod and reel will also work just fine. These fish are prolific, and if they are in the area, you WILL catch them!)


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