REDFIELD COUNTERSTRIKE: The Best Red Dot Sight You’ll Never Own

The Wild Life #26V

A Review, and tribute to what was one of the best mid-range priced Red Dot sights available until Redfield discontinued it after only three years. With a 4 MOA Red Dot/Green Dot up top, and a blinding red 5 megawatt laser below (that can be easily co-witnessed with the red dot), 5,000 hr. battery life from a single CR123A battery, and even built in lens cap covers, at just under $200.00 the COUNTERSTRIKE seemed to have it all. Except for one, tiny little detail. If you had any type of front sight configuration on your AR, the laser was rendered useless. But I bought my COUNTERSTRIKE because, I don’t have a front sight on my AR, and this sight is an absolute killer! You really should consider bringing it back, Redfield. There is more of a market for it than you know. In the meantime, for those of you who just HAVE to have one of these after watching the video…scour the internet. There are still a few of them floating around out there. I found two for sale on eBay just yesterday!


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