Coming Clean At Deer Camp: The “Magic Wand” Camp Washing Machine

The Wild Life #16V

Hunters, are you tired of coming home after a month in the mountains only to find a couple of sets of your stinky camo greeting you at the front door because they got up and walked out of camp a week before you left? Tired of slogging around with your pockets bulging with quarters on the off chance that you might come across a Laundromat in some God forsaken little out of the way berg on your way to, or from camp? Tired of your wife saying “No, not tonight. I’ve got a headache BECAUSE I have twenty loads of your hunting laundry to do”? Then get yourself a clean, 5 gallon bucket, and a “Magic Wand” Camp Washing Machine, and change your hunting life (and love life) forever!


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