The Solo Stove. 9 oz. of stainless steel that can save your life in the wild!


The Wild Life #1

I first discovered the Solo Stove when my novel FLIGHT OF THE BOWYER was featured in the 2014 Backdoor Survival Spring Book Festival ( Among the banner ads on their website for survival water straws, Non-GMO freeze dried foods, and organic garden seeds was a little collapsible stainless steel cylinder with flames shooting out of the top of it dubbed “The #1 Survival Stove!” Weighing only 9 oz. and precision machined from high grade stainless steel, the Solo Stove requires NO FUEL other than small dry twigs and bark chips that can be found in abundance in any conifer forest, or even sagebrush, or juniper branches in the desert. A cotton ball soaked in Vaseline and placed on top of a bed of twigs in the stove’s fire chamber, then torched with a match, or flint striker, will give you instant fire for cooking, or as a source of heat for surviving hypothermia after an impromptu tumble into an icy mountain stream. I took mine on a weekend coyote hunting trip in the high desert country of central Oregon the first weekend in March where the nighttime temperatures dipped down into the 20’s. I heated a can of chili on it the first night, but in the morning I put the little Solo to the ultimate test: making breakfast coffee. And did it? Yes, it absolutely did! One hint, though. Keep feeding twigs into the stove and let them burn down until you have a glowing bed of red hot coals. THEN, start cooking because otherwise you will get lots of smoke in your eyes, and pretty much blacken your cooking utensils. I bought my Solo Stove online directly from the manufacturer for about sixty bucks, and you can bet it will be riding in my hunting pack from here on out, no matter what the weather is. It is an absolutely awesome little piece of outdoor equipment, and could even used in an emergency at home during a power outage. IMG_7237IMG_7202


2 thoughts on “The Solo Stove. 9 oz. of stainless steel that can save your life in the wild!

    • Yeah, that banner is not editable and there was no way to resize the picture to get it to “fit” so you are right…it had to go. Dammit! I am so in love with that old ID card pic! Oh well, the new one doesn’t look too bad. Well, off to write my #2 Blog Post for The Wild Life, and trust me, it’s going to be a corker, hehe.


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